We rely on your help!

Herefordshire Heartstart is affiliated to the British Heart Foundation, but we are not funded by them. We are a local initiative helping the people of Herefordshire, and we rely on donations, grants, and your generosity to keep this vital service running.

Herefordshire Heartstart is a voluntary organisation, established in 1996 to teach the people of Herefordshire Emergency Life Support (ELS) skills. These skills are the actions needed to keep someone alive until professional help arrives.

Heartstart is an initiative of the British Heart Foundation. We started in 1996 in conjunction with the ambulance service, fire brigade, voluntary bodies, health authority and school nurses to train as many people as possible in Basic Life Support skills.

Our instructors are volunteers from various walks of life, all with the same notion – to save lives.

We have trained more than 21,000 people of all age ranges and backgrounds and we need your help to continue to provide emergency life support skills to the people, schools and communities of Herefordshire.

Our aim is to save lives in the community by strengthening the chain of survival.

When someone suffers a cardiac arrest their life may depend on a bystander who has learned ELS skills.

The trained person can recognise what has happened, call for professional help, and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), to buy the casualty time.

In most cases a defibrillator is required to restart their heart and this needs to be applied as soon as possible for the best chance of survival.

The Herefordshire Heartstart courses are free, and are available in your area. Have a look at our upcoming events and get in touch if you would like to participate in Emergency Life Saving Skills.