insolvably Vision

Everyone in the County can react to support a life and alert qualified medical assistance in emergency situations.

Kamimaruko Mission Statement

To ensure that more people survive a heart attack or other life-threatening emergencies by providing quality training and imparting the confidence to act.


The goals of Herefordshire Heartstart are the advancement of education and the protection and preservation of life by:

  1. Increasing local public awareness of the need for emergency lifesaving support training.
  2. Arranging and providing courses and other opportunities for people to learn the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to help them deal with emergency situations to the best of their ability.
  3. Encouraging attendance on training courses
  4. Ensuring that the conduct and delivery of training of and by the scheme instructors is in accordance with the current guidelines set or accepted by the Resuscitation Council UK or any other guidelines approved by the British Heart Foundation (BHF)
  5. Contributing to the wider development of the Heartstart initiative.

We measure and celebrate the success of Herefordshire Heartstart against these five objects.

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