Six Crafty Ladies make £800 for Heartstart

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Press Release

Six Crafty Ladies make £800 for Heartstart

Six local ladies known as the Crafty Ladies have been jointly fundraising since last September for two charities, including local charity Herefordshire Heartstart.  So far they have raised an incredible £800 towards Herefordshire Heartstart’s – Heartstart how to save a life courses.HEARTSTART PRESENTATION MARCH 2015

The ladies create and make beautiful hand-made crafts and sell these at local craft fairs.  They create a wide variety of crafts, all lovingly hand-made by the ladies.

They also knitted Christmas Robins and Easter chicks (with the additional support of some local happy knitters).  They added chocolate, which were then sold at local shops and businesses at Christmas and Easter.

Loraine Coleman, Co-ordinator/Project Manager for the charity says “The craft work the ladies make is absolutely beautiful and I am so pleased that they chose to support the charity in this way.

We are extremely grateful for them giving up their time to not only make the crafts, but for going out and selling them, but most importantly for this generous donation.

The donation will benefit many people in Herefordshire, who will be able to receive Heartstart how to save a life training as a result.”

Loraine would also like to thank the public and local businesses for supporting the charity, by either donating items to use in raffle prizes and materials for the craft ladies to use. Thanks also to the public for buying the craft items and to any local business who have allowed them to sell items for the fundraising.

The ladies presented the £800 cheque to Loraine Coleman for Herefordshire Heartstart recently.  The ladies will continue to jointly fundraise for Herefordshire Heartstart and another charity until September and will then present a further cheque.

Most of the ladies have now gone on and attended one of the public Heartstart courses.


Anyone can attend a free two hour Heartstart course, or can book a course for their group. At a two hour course participants will learn rescue breaths and chest compressions (CPR), as well as dealing with an unconscious casualty, choking, serious bleeding and heart attack.  These are simple skills that can and do save lives.


Details of courses coming up can be found on our website or by contacting Co-ordinator/Project Manager Loraine Coleman

If you would like to attend a public course or are interested in a course for your group, would like to volunteer, or could help by organising a fundraising event to support the charity, please email or call 0845 60 60 654 or write to:

Herefordshire Heartstart, PO Box 305, HEREFORD HR1 9JD

If you have any quality material, old cotton reels or buttons to donate to the crafty ladies please get in touch.

The ladies are also making hampers up to use as a raffle prize over the Summer months.  If you can donate a small item to go in the hampers, please contact Loraine at Herefordshire Heartstart.

Notes to Editor:

Herefordshire Heartstart is a registered charity (no 1082309) established in 1996 and is affiliated to the British Heart Foundation to run free two hour How to save a life courses. These courses are available to anyone, to teach them the necessary skills to keep someone alive until the emergency services arrive.


Herefordshire Heartstart is affiliated to the British Heart Foundation, but we are not funded by them nor the Government for our service. We are a local initiative helping the people of Herefordshire. We rely on donations and grants to keep this vital service running.


Photo shows the 6 Crafty Ladies with some of their beautiful hand-made crafts, plus Loraine Coleman, Co-ordinator/Project Manager of Herefordshire Heartstart






Written by:-

Loraine Coleman, Herefordshire Heartstart