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Nic Howes – Heartstart Lifesaver

Another Heartstart attendee Mr Nic Howes has helped to save a man, thanks to the Heartstart how to save a life training he received from Herefordshire Heartstart.

Nic Howes was out walking with family in a riverside park near to Trent Bridge, Nottingham.   He saw a man leaning against a tree, with one arm across his chest. The man moved off, staggered and fell into bushes, hidden from site.

Nic ran over and found him thankfully still conscious. Nic rang for an ambulance and stayed with the man.

Nic says “The man wasn’t making much sense and was determined to get up and walk home, this would have taken him across a nearby multi-lane highway despite being very unsteady on his feet, something he was clearly unable to do without falling over.”

Nic sat behind him by, gently supported him and encouraged him not to get up. Nic had learnt about helping someone having a heart attack and the best position to support them in at the Heartstart course.

When the paramedics arrived, one of the ambulance crew knew him and knew that he had angina. The man was taken to hospital.

Loraine Coleman, Co-ordinator/Project Manager for Herefordshire Heartstart said “Well done Nic for looking after this man and preventing him from getting into further difficulties. By calling for the ambulance, staying with the man and using the very simple technique taught in Heartstart you helped to save this man”.

Heartstart How to save a life courses take just 2 hours. At the course you will learn:-how to deal with a conscious casualty, an unconscious casualty and how to put someone into the recovery position; how to recognise signs and symptoms of a heart attack; how to deal with choking, serious bleeding and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

Herefordshire Heartstart run public courses and courses for groups including local walk leaders, voluntary organisations, schools and businesses throughout Herefordshire. To find out details of free courses in Herefordshire or if you can help by making a donation or by organising a fundraising event visit or contact:-

Loraine Coleman, Co-ordinator and Schools Project Manager on 01432 850067 or 0845 60 60 654 or email or you can write to Herefordshire Heartstart, PO Box 305, HEREFORD HR1 9JD

Herefordshire Heartstart are a voluntary organisation and registered charity no 1082309. We receive no government or British Heart Foundation funding and rely on small grants, fundraising and donations to keep this vital service running.



Notes to Editor:- Please note that Nic is correct and the way that he spells his name.  

Contact details:-

Loraine Coleman

Co-ordinator/Project Manager

Herefordshire Heartstart


Tel: 01432 850067 or 0845 60 60 654


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