Hereford Round Table £1,430 Donation to Herefordshire Heartstart

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Hereford Round Table £1,430 Donation to Herefordshire Heartstart


Herefordshire Heartstart are pleased to announce that the Hereford Round Table have donated £1,430 to the charity to cover new equipment for the volunteer instructors.


This includes three new sets of projection equipment which includes, projectors, dvd players, speakers, cables, connectors and extension reels. Plus a training laptop and flipchart stand and some office items (large stapler/hole punch), for use when delivering Schools Instructor Training and for delivering talks to local groups.


Loraine Coleman Co-ordinator/Project Manager:-

“I am really pleased that they have made this generous donation which has helped to set three new volunteers up with essential equipment needed for training and for a laptop/flipchart stand needed when delivering instructor training to schools staff and for community talks.”

We rely on grants, donations and fundraising to keep this vital service running for the people in Herefordshire. This donation will help us to carry on teaching these essential skills to communities and schools throughout Herefordshire.

Herefordshire Heartstart is a registered charity (no 1082309) established in 1996 to run free two hour How to save a life courses. These courses are available to anyone, to teach them the necessary skills to keep someone alive until the emergency services arrive.


This includes dealing with choking, serious bleeding, heart attack, unconsciousness and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).  These are simple skills that can and do save lives.


Herefordshire Heartstart is affiliated to the British Heart Foundation, but we are not funded by them nor the Government for our service. We are a local initiative helping the people of Herefordshire. We rely on small grants, fundraising and the generosity of the public and local groups through donations, to keep this vital service running.


To make a donation or to book a course for your group or to book onto a public course, email:


or Contact the Co-ordinator/Project Manager Loraine Coleman on 0845 60 60 654 Mon to Thurs 9am to 3pm or write to Herefordshire Heartstart, PO Box 305, HEREFORD HR1 9JD




TEL: 0845 60 60 654