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Heartstart course at Arkwright Court, Leominster

In July, a very well attended Heartstart Course took place at Arkwright Court, Leominster. Fourteen residents were trained by two experienced volunteers. On the free 2 hour course they learned how to: deal with an unconscious casualty, recognise the symptoms of a suspected heart attack, deliver CPR including an understanding of the role of a defibrillator, as well as how to deal with choking or serious bleeding.

After the course, residents had a better understanding of the importance of early CPR and the role of the defibrillator within the chain of survival. Inspired by the course one of the talented residents, Frank Pavitt, wrote a poem about what he had learned on the course and (with his permission) we have shared it below.


A mnemonic to recall when dealing

With a person with no feeling,

No need to feel afraid, you see;

It’s simply DRS ABC.


D for Danger to them and you

Check – or you may be a patient, too;

R is there Response or not?

Shake them firmly, but not a lot.


S is Shout for help from passers-by,

Bellow loudly – don’t be shy,

A is Airway, tilt the head up and back;

To stop the tongue from staying slack.


B is for the patient’s breathing,

Is it normal or is it heaving?

Listen for any abnormal sounds

From the poor soul on the ground.


C is for CPR, press on their chest,

Then give the person your breath;

Thirty presses, then two breaths,

You may have saved someone from death.


Your task is done, don’t run away;

Hear what the Paramedics have to say;

Then off homewards happily go

Always being a stranger’s hero.

Frank Pavitt

Residents are now hoping to fundraise in order to purchase a defibrillator that can be kept at Arkwright Court in case of future emergencies. If you are able to support them in this they would be delighted to hear from you.

If you or your organisation would like to participate in/organise a Heartstart course or become a volunteer with Herefordshire Heartstart please do get in touch by email or call on 0845 60 60 654.