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Great News

Herefordshire Heartstart has been chosen to benefit as a Co-op Local Community Fund. This funding is specifically linked to the Co-op businesses in Leominster; however Co-op members anywhere are able to select us as their cause.  

At a time when funds for community groups and charitable organisations are becoming
more difficult to access, Herefordshire Heartstart is incredibly grateful for this opportunity to make a real difference in Herefordshire.

Herefordshire Heartstart are raising funds to update volunteer skills with new CPR guidance, provide additional cleaning and hand sanitising products to enable the provision of safe, essential life-saving skill training for free. They are well known throughout Herefordshire for their delivery of friendly, supportive and informative emergency life support skill courses. Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic Herefordshire Heartstart have continued to provide advice to local communities on basic life support skills. As they begin to deliver face to face courses in the community again funding from the Co-op local community fund will be used to ensure that all practical measures are taken to ensure their instructors and participants remain safe.

To help Herefordshire Heartstart raise vital funds, they will be relying on Co-op Members. When a member buys selected branded products and services, the Co-op will give a helping hand to local causes like theirs. 

Co-op members can select us as their local cause by visiting Herefordshire Heartstart really hope that people will visit the website and select them as their local cause. This page includes a link that enables local people to become members of the Co-op if they are not already which in turn will support Herefordshire Heartstart further.

To organise a course for your workplace, club, community organisation or family support bubble please contact the Herefordshire Heartstart coordinator by email on