Bill Wiggin MP taught Heartstart skills at Leominster Primary School

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  • Post category:News Mr Wiggin visited Leominster Primary School for one of its Heartstart training days, which he found to be both impressive and an invaluable experience.

Mr Wiggin said: “The course, at only two hours long, gave the children the skills and confidence they might one day need to save someone else’s life and was carried out with enthusiasm by children and staff. If all children could learn these skills in schools we could significantly improve survival rates and I would encourage all schools in Herefordshire to take part. By equipping our children with this knowledge we are giving them an essential lifesaving skill that can only make the County a safer place to live.”

Herefordshire Heartstart Co-ordinator/Project Manager Loraine Coleman said: “Leominster Junior School are a great example of a school who are actively using this training to deliver Heartstart to their pupils, which is fantastic as it means more children know how to save a life and can help in a life threatening emergency.  I would like to see all schools being part of this incredible scheme.”

Bill Wiggin Heartstart at Leominster Primary School
Bill Wiggin is pictured with Helen Rees, Deputy Head of Leominster Junior School