The Heartstart Course

On the course you can learn vital lifesaving skills which could help to keep a person alive until professional help arrives.

The course includes:-

  • How to call for help
  • How to help someone who is unconscious
  • How to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • How to recognise the warning signs of a heart attack
  • How to deal with choking
  • How to deal with serious bleeding

The course requires no special medical skills. They are FREE and take around two hours.

It could be one of the most valuable things you’ll ever learn because heart disease touches us all and in the future your ELS skills may mean the difference between life and death to a friend or a member of your family.

Community Courses

Heartstart in your community

We work in partnership with many organisations and institutions such as local volunteer groups and the ambulance service to run our community schemes.

Our courses are open to the general public. We also teach specific groups, such as the WI, girl guides, schools, and church groups.

Many of these schemes run courses that are open to the general public in their local communities. Others teach specific groups, such as employees in large companies, or army cadets and other youth groups, while some focus on heart patients and their families.

The course lasts for two hours and provides practical hands-on learning. The courses are FREE, but donations are important as we rely on grants and donations to keep these vital courses running. For groups and businesses we suggest a guided donation.

Public Courses – Public courses currently run in Hereford City.  These can be found on the events page or by emailing the coordinator.  If you have a venue which you can provide free of charge and would like us to set up a public course in your area, please get in touch. We can even run a course in someone’s home providing you have enough space.

Group Courses  Courses run all over Herefordshire throughout the year, these are not published on the website (unless the group agrees), as they are not usually open to the public, but are for the particular group who has booked the course.  If you would like to book a course for your group, club or society, please contact the coordinator: or call 0845 60 60 654 (please do not use the contact sheet below – see message at bottom of sheet).

Schools Courses

Heartstart in your school

Young people of ten years and over can attend a Heartstart course. However, some ELS skills like making a 999 call or placing someone in the recovery position can be learnt by much younger children.

The course can be delivered as a stand alone course for children of 10 and over or as a staged programme starting with children aged 4 or 5.

Training for your staff is free, although we now rely on fundraising and donations to support schools and would appreciate any donations to support the Schools Programme.

Training for staff takes place regularly in Hereford, the courses are led by Instructor/Training Supervisor.

For further details please contact the coordinator, by emailing:

 or call

0845 60 60 654